First Impressions

When building a company appearance is everything. You have to build a name for yourself that your clients and potential clients will think of whenever they hear the name. First impressions are what stick with people the longest. If you have a poor first impression whether you weren’t prepared for the meeting or it came as an accident that is how potential clients will see you and your company practically forever. It takes a lot of time and effort to overcome a bad first impression so my advice is that it is imperative to always put your best foot forward.

Even though it sounds shallow and slightly judgmental the vehicle a person shows up in for meetings or even to escort people around is a critical element. A vehicle is the first aspect clients or potential clients see you in, secondly it is your tire but we will have to cover that another time.

Currently, gas prices have dropped making it more possible for small businesses or beginning businesses to really step up their game. I am telling you, if you want to really make that critical first impression hire a town car for the meeting. It gives you that little something that will make a client think wow this person really knows how to do and take care of business. The best place I have found that has multiple options, great drivers that treat you like royalty, and by far the best pricing is Fort Worth Limo Service.

You don’t have to go for the huge limo option, that can seem a little pretentious, simply use one of their high end town cars and enjoy the amazing service of their top drivers. This gives you the opportunity to wow the client as well as talk and take care of business without having to focus on the traffic around you. When a client feels like you have placed them as top priority they are more likely to become a permanent client that will highly recommend you and your company to everyone and anyone who asks or even might need that type of service.

I hope this post really helps you understand the importance of making that key first impression. Pull out all the stops!

The Texas Oil Bust

Texas has always been a staple when it comes to energy production. We have been riding the boom over the last several years and through the recession.  Every power pole in the Permian Basin  has a fifth wheel or 3 of them buy it but.

But not anymore.

There will be a mass exodus of able bodied workers on the current trend.  If oil is able to stay above 50 dollars a barrel most business will be able to at least keep their eye above water.  Many of the smaller ones that do not have the established infrastructure and diversity within the industry will go bust


Unfortunately is like Natural Selection in the Free Market.  At some point we have to trim the fat little to keep a healthy local economy.

No one want to here and it will make many people’s  lives much more difficult but it is a free amok and these things are going to happen.

So there is the veggies but now for the desert.

The bust is only predicted to last around a year and likely will come back even stronger for those that can ride the storm.  We are already seeing some relief but the prices at the pump.  As much as I like the cheap price tag at the gas station, i Understand the adverse effect on the local economy can be far worse.

This to shall pass and  Texas will continue to dominate in well pretty much everything