500th Airborne Intel System Hits Field

An aircrew member uses the Combat Track II system, the 500th system was delivered to the field last month.

Combat Talon II allows crew aboard the air mobility fleet, as well as on some bombers, to maintain full awareness of friendly and potential hostile aircraft positions.

It also alerts them to ground threats, including mobile surface-to-air missile sites.

(Courtesy photo)

National Cryptologic Museum

National Cryptologic Museum

Why does the National Cryptologic Museum exist? Because it has to: There is a statue celebrating military heroism at Iwo Jima, but no memorial to the brilliant minds that cracked Japanese codes and turned around the Pacific war at Midway Island.

Every school child learns how the beaches of Normandy were stormed, but few knowledgeable adults know about the intelligence professionals who cracked Hitler’s Enigma cipher and saved millions of lives. Without this unique museum the nation and the world might never know what it truly takes to defend freedom.

The National Cryptologic Museum is no Disneyland. It’s the real stories as told by the intelligence professionals who really know. It’s the stories of those who served in silence but saved the world, many times over.

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